[Citizendium-l] Citizendium-l List usage. I vote:

Phil Wardle phil_wardle at iprimus.com.au
Tue Nov 14 00:31:11 EST 2006

Dear All,

OK, I'll have a second go at this. First, apologies that the mail 
address for voting was dysfunctional. It seems there are still technical 
problems with that, so I have simply changed the voting address to my 
personal e-mail address (see below). Probably easier that way anyhow.

Also, it seems my instructions for voting were confusing, again 
apologies, I have reworded  things to make them clearer (I hope).

So, to recap.....

A number of people have raised concerns regarding the sheer volume of 
e-mails they are receiving from the lists and the fact that both 
discussion and decision making are being hampered by the number of 
different forums, wikis and mailing lists that we are using.

It has therefore been proposed that a poll be conducted to see if people 
would prefer the lists (i.e. Citizendium-l and the Editors list) to be 
used for announcements only and that, in future, discussion be directed 
to the CZ Forum (with a new board set up on the Forum for Editors' 

Now I'm fully aware, from previous discussions, that people are divided 
on the question of which makes for a better discussion platform suitable 
for our needs...mailing lists or forums. However, in making your 
decision I would ask you to bear in mind the purpose of this poll, that 
is, to not only reduce information overload if possible, but also to 
streamline and improve your access to information and debate regarding 
the establishment and management etc. of the Citizendium.

To vote, please send a message to: phil_wardle at iprimus.com.au , using 
this subject line (copy and paste).

Citizendium-l list usage. I vote:

Include at the end of the subject line either a "Yes" or a "No" without the quotation marks.

*Yes: Citizendium-l is made into an announcements-only
list, with **discussion** being conducted on the Citizendium Forums
(including new forums for editors).

*No: The lists are left as they are.*

* *Please feel free to add a brief explanation regarding your choice if 
you so wish.

I will collate the responses and report back to this forum by early next 

Phil Wardle
List Moderator.
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