[Citizendium-l] Pilot Project Application Review Procedure

Larry Sanger sanger-lists at citizendium.org
Mon Nov 13 23:04:56 EST 2006

For your review--a proposed change in procedure.  Sorry I haven't produced
that "plan for the next week or two" I promised.  It's written but not
edited well enough to give to you.


(You may have to reconstruct the URL)

Pilot Project Application Review Procedure

We have a strong interest in making sure that participants in the
Citizendium, particularly during the crucial pilot project period, be
trustworthy. Of all participants, we require:

    * a username that is the participant's own real name (special permission
to use a pseudonym must be applied for)
    * a short bio
    * a working e-mail address
    * endorsement of the Statement of Fundamental Policies 

In the first few weeks of the pilot project, we also required a resume or CV
from authors, as well as Web links, establishing that a person had a certain
identity. We no longer require this of authors, although, because of their
greater responsibility in the system, we still require it of editors and

The author application procedure

To join the pilot project, a contributor goes through these steps (editors
see below):

   1. At the wiki, the contributor should create a username (that is his/her
own real name) in "Firstname Lastname" form. Examples of acceptable
usernames: John Doe; P. John Doe; John P. Doe; John Peter Doe. Examples of
unacceptable usernames: JPD; JDoe; J. Doe; John D. Names in other forms are
acceptable if it is shown that a person uses that name commonly (e.g., signs
much academic work "J. P. Doe").
   2. The contributor then sends an e-mail to personnel at citizendium.org
(preferably titled "Let me in" or "Access please") with three items: (1) the
username; (2) a biography to be posted on the person's user page, containing
(minimally) name, educational and professional highlights (i.e., just a list
of degrees and/or main positions held would do), and areas of interests; and
(3) a claim to the effect that contributor endorses the Citizendium
Statement of Fundamental Policies.
   3. Once all three items are received, personnel administrators then
change the username's permissions. (Users will be given a so-called
"wikieditor" permissions, but this does not mean that one is a Citizendium
editor. It means only that one has read/write access to the wiki.)
   4. Personnel administrators add to the new author's user page (1) the
author's bio, (2) a {{awelcome}} template, (3) a "signature" (i.e., what is
produced when typing "~~~~", and the [[Category:CZ Authors]] tag (unless the
person has applied for editorship; see below).
   5. Finally, the personnel administrator welcomes the new author to the
project and points the person to the new user page. 

The editor application procedure

The application procedure for editors is the same, except that editor
candidates should also send to personnel at citizendium.org two additional
items: a CV or resume attached (or linked), as well as some links to Web
material that tends to support the claims made in the CV, such as conference
proceedings, or a departmental home page. Both additional requirements may
be fulfilled by a CV that is hosted on an official work Web page.

Also different are the items the personnel administrators will add to the
new editor's user page. They will use the {{ewelcome}} template and, unless
the editor specifically requests otherwise, the links to online work and/or
CV the editor supplied.

Personnel administrators may be either editors or constables. The persons
making decisions about editor applications will be editors, not constables,
but any constable may "fill in" an editors user page.

The constable application procedure

Constables will be chosen in a completely different way. All constable
applications will be treated as author applications, but will be filed away
for such future time as there is a need for new constables. (There are far
more constable applications than constables positions.) The Chief Constable
will, when the need arises, look through the constable applications and
select from them. 

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