[Citizendium-l] New simplified Citizendium bug reporting

Peter Hitchmough peterh.uk at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 08:16:44 EST 2006

There is now one simple method for anyone to report bugs in Citizendium:

Send an email to bugs at citizendium.org.

Please include the string [bug] in the subject line. This will help to deter

The workflow will be as follows:
- User reports a possible bug by sending a message to bugs at citizendium.org,
with a subject line including "[bug]".
- The system sends an autoreply (yet to be implemented).
- A bug wrangler will review the bug and may take one of the following
  - add a bug to the developers' Bug Tracker at forge.citizendium.org.
  - consolidate the report with an existing bug.
  - reject the bug report for various reasons.
- The bug wrangler informs the reporter by email what's happened to the bug
they reported.
- Bugs can be tracked at forge.citizendium.org, for those with access.

If anyone of a developer persuasion would like to become one of our Bug
Wranglers then please send an email to the same address and we'll talk it
over. That job is mostly straightforward: engaging in the workflow as
described above.

This service is now live.

Many thanks,
Peter Hitchmough
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