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ST = Sarah Tuttle

ST: How are we going to build this resource?  WE HAVE TO DECIDE.
    We have to decide what's really important to us.  And we have
    to give this the chance to succeed.  When conflicts come up?
    We need to work together.  Are you struggling with something?
    Talk to other members of the community.  Call a constable
    (seriously, we're a pretty fun bunch).  We have to go into
    this like grownups and keep our eyes focused on why we're
    all here.

Sarah & All,

I think that you may have failed to read the fine print
of the policies that you endorsed to join the pilot.
Those of us who did spend time in Wikipedia know
that all of the fundamentals have been cast in
stone, and we know from discussions on the
forums and lists that not a single thing
we decide is going to get implemented
if "The Decider" has not already
predecided it.

Jon Awbrey

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