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I do not agree with “Me” [=quentinmaurus].  The overall head of a project
must engage in many delicate negotiations with the goal of supporting the
project and needs a confidential working group to help with that.  A little
thought will reveal the advantages of that, and the disadvantages to the
mission of the project of open Executive Committee meetings.   To speak of
an Executive Committee as “anointed” does not seem appropriate.




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> Both of these groups are by invitation only.  The Executive Committee,

> it deals with sensitive issues of many sorts, will be closed-archive.  The

> editor group will be open archive:

This is of concern to me, I have been following this project on the lists
and forums 

from it's beginning and one of the battle cries has been "Maximum

Now you have a special anointed group holding closed door discussions.

Am I the only one seeing the conflict between stated mission and


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