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I commit to sharing everything I write that's not of a sensitive nature with
the lists. Gotta be discreet sometimes!


On 11/8/06, Zachary Pruckowski <zachary.pruckowski at gmail.com> wrote:
> Everything that is done will be discussed here or on the forum at some
> point.  I think the primary issue is that sometimes things come up that
> require some measure of discretion.  Sometimes in negotiations, stuff comes
> up that groups would prefer not to publicize in terms of offers.  That has
> happened at least once so far.
> The executive committee (and the adhoc group before it) were assembled
> based on current participation, with a balance of constables, editors, and
> authors.  I'm not sure if the membership is publicized somewhere, but I feel
> confident that the community would probably have picked most of the people
> on the exec board, in that they are among the most active contributors and
> the people who have contributed a lot to the group.
> Zach
> On Nov 8, 2006, at 4:43 PM, Quentin Marus wrote:
> 'm sorry to say, my mind is not put at ease.  You have formed a
> small "in" crowd to make decisions for this project, such as partnerships,
> without feedback from the group as a whole.  Was there an open call for
> executive committee membership applications?  Was there a vote
> from the community about who should be on the executive committee?
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