[Citizendium-l] Update

Fred Bauder fredbaud at ctelco.net
Wed Nov 8 17:02:36 EST 2006

On Nov 8, 2006, at 1:01 PM, Me wrote:

> > Both of these groups are by invitation only. The Executive  
> Committee, since
> > it deals with sensitive issues of many sorts, will be closed- 
> archive. The
> > editor group will be open archive:
> This is of concern to me, I have been following this project on the  
> lists and forums
> from it's beginning and one of the battle cries has been "Maximum  
> Transparency!"
> Now you have a special anointed group holding closed door discussions.
> Am I the only one seeing the conflict between stated mission and  
> implementation?
> Quentin

Wikipedia has several of the same kind of committees. This is just  
practical control of sensitive information.


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