[Citizendium-l] Problem? No problem!

Ori Redler oriredle at actcom.co.il
Wed Nov 1 10:12:28 EST 2006

I do think that you're seening a problem where there isn't: a  
community grows at its own natural pace. It is perfectly reasonable  
that people will initially "attack" where they hurt most -- which are  
articles in their field of knowledge and expertise and will be less  
inclined to edit articles written by others at this point. For  
example, I know nothing about Cell metabolism or Quad  
Electroacoustics, so adding my bit there would not improve them at  
all. I'd rather try to first do something where I can do something  
and let the "community gaps" fill out naturally in the course of time.


On 1 Nov 2006, at 07:04, citizendium-l-request at lists.purdue.edu wrote:

> Of course, it might turn out that what I am seeing as a problem  
> will turn
> out not really to be a problem, and we'll just end up working  
> wonderfully,
> mostly in parallel.  So I wouldn't propose to try the second  
> solution for
> another week at least.
> --Larry

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