[Citizendium-editors] Recruitment item needed: inspirational quotes

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Any more quotes?  We've got five excellent quotes so far.  I'd like to post
the results today or tomorrow, in time for our new press release.


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Dear CZ editors,

If you can take a minute or two out of your day and send me a quote, aimed
specifically at your colleagues, explaining such things as:

* Why CZ is a worthwhile project
* What its potential is
* Why you're involved
* Why your colleagues should get involved

Etc.  One brief quote would be greatly appreciated.

Also, your full name, affiliation/position, and department/field (for

That would help our recruitment efforts tremendously.  My hope is that we'll
collect enough such quotes to make an impressive little page that we can
send people to, to motivate them to get involved.

Thanks in advance!


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