[Citizendium-editors] CZ letters of recommendation needed

Larry Sanger sanger-lists at citizendium.org
Sat Aug 18 07:05:24 EDT 2007


We are going to enter this competition:

I really think we could win.  We can submit letters of recommendation.
To this end, I would like to ask you to put your thinking caps on:

QUESTION: What big/relevant names could we ask, for some killer letters
of recommendation?

See below.


Letters of Recommendation

* Up to 3 are permitted 
* Due at application deadline 
* If appropriate, one letter should be from a supervisor who can attest
that you will be allowed time and, if applicable, resources to work on
the project. 
* Other letter(s) should ideally be from experts in fields related to
your project who are familiar with your project and can attest to its
* Be sure to notify your references before entering their information in
the application system. They will receive an auto-generated email with
instructions for submitting letters of recommendation immediately after
you have entered their information in application system.

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