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I'd just like to say that this latest work by Hassen Aref, making specific
proposals and edits, is extremely useful, and feel free to make further
iterations without my input please.  I do have one query, though, which is
why there should be broader supercategories like "science," "technology,"
and "art" if the subcategories are already quite broad and are listed.  Note
also that there is some mixing of top-level category types in the latest
iterations; i.e., the addition of "Human" and "Universe" means we're
thinking of adding names of broad concepts to names of disciplines.  Some
conceptual confusion results: after all, "anthropology," "psychology," and
other fields that study humanity per se are already there.

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This post is in response to the list in Peter Diem's e-mail of 11/11 in
which the following list of CZ main categories was proposed:

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