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But who determines what the central text should be?  Since all the texts
will be changeable, that changes the whole dynamics.  The Talmud worked
because there was one original text on which the rest was a commentary.

Surely we don't want a Wikipedia article to play the role of the Mishnah.
If not that, then what would?


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>     I initially sent this msg to Larry, but I think it's 
> worth posting to 
> the list:
> Larry:
>     Have you considered handling differences of opinion the 
> way the Talmud 
> does, but with modern technology?
>     A page of the Talmud has a small central square with the text, 
> surrounded by comments on the text by various rabbis. The 
> amount of comment 
> usually far surpasses the amount of text.
>     Of course, this would be much cleaner and easier to do 
> with hyperlinks. 
> Perhaps a special color could be used for such "controversy" links.
>     The screening process for comments could be more relaxed 
> than for the 
> central text. Comments would need to be signed, or in some 
> way validated to 
> understand the expertise of the commenter. When a defined 
> level of agreement 
> (votes by editors?, absence of contrary opinions?) was 
> reached, the comment 
> could be incorporated into the main text, or perhaps deleted.
>     This way, users of CZ could be made aware of the range of 
> opinion on an 
> issue, rather than just the consensus.
> Harvey
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