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    That sounds very interesting. Do you have a site up where we can see how 
it works? My browser couldn't find healthhelp.org.


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hyperlinks in an article could be coded to levels. Children's, Professional, 
Mathematical etc.  The page opened could be of a background color and font 
style for each that would immediately let the user know where they have 
accessed. I made the beginnings of such a website some years ago with Go 
Live Cyber Studio at my own domain, healthhelp.org. At the time the project 
terminated, I had such pages as "Ear Infection" that was a summary, on the 
page a user could click words or pictures to bring them to further 
information on that section. Depending on the color/font of the word, the 
link went to either simple langauge aimed ast laymen, or same topic aimed 
towards physicians. This was very workable. I'd like to work with web 
designers now - on specific articles. We need to get a format up and 
running. Who else is interested? Has tools to do the work? Nancy
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>Hassan Aref wrote:
>> Another issue that I would value opinions on is the use of
>> mathematics in CZ entries.  While including equations and formulae
>> in entries turns them into "Greek" for much of the readership, it
>> really adds precision and enlightenment for those who understand
>> mathematical notation and concepts.  Sort of like what sheet music
>> adds to music for those who can read it (and doesn't add for those
>> who cannot).  Where do we draw the line on mathematics usage in CZ
>> articles?  Should we consider some kind of division of a CZ entry
>> with a "general public" piece and a "more specialized" piece?  What
>> are the sentiments of others in this regard?
>This raises the more general issue of *levels*, something Wikipedia
>lacks.  EB's attempt at this (micropedia, macropedia, etc.) was
>hopeless, and anyway you couldn't click back and forth to coordinate
>But an ideal encyclopedia would have them.  And perhaps more than
>two.  The optimal number of levels is a whole discussion to itself
>(mathematical -- or musical -- notation is only one constraint among
>A logistical problem one runs into right away when thinking about
>this is how to superimpose an organization of levels onto competing
>entries, or entries that (as you suggest in your previous note)
>contain competing conceptions.  These would either have to drop out
>or be highly simplified at the lowest level (approximately the
>standard Wikipedia level, or the level of, say, *Muse* magazine), or
>there would have to be two separate ones (since the level of
>knowledge required just to explain the difference explicitly might go
>beyond that lowest level).  Nothing wrong with that, but it does
>introduce some additional organizational complexity.
>André Carus

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