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I agree with Tom McFadden.  The purpose of the list is not clear. 
Moreover, interdisciplinary disciplines like Communication either get left 
out or pigeonholed based on one part (Comm. is a Langauge Art according to 
lots of school districts, but what about all the media people?).

This is a lot of  email and it's only the first day.  These conversations 
are important and I don't want to opt out but I also don't want to deal 
with this mass of email.  Is there a reason why we're not using the 
discussion board for conversations like this?  Forgive me if we are and I 
just don't know it, I'm new to this project and am still finding my way 

Happy Thursday!


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Re: [Citizendium-editors] list of disciplines

My question is:

What is the purpose of a classification scheme of any kind in this
project?  Typical Internet directories are arranged this way, but they
have a difference function.  The online EB has subject browse feature
that looks like this:

Arts & Literature 
architecture, Native American arts, sculpture, ...
The Earth & Geography 
biosphere, climate, ocean, ...

 Health & Medicine 
exercise, human behaviour, therapeutics, ...

 Philosophy & Religion 
ethics, metaphysics, sacred, ...
Sports & Recreation 
baseball, gardening, gastronomy, ...

 Science & Mathematics 
geometry, physical science, social science, ... 

angiosperm, evolution, heredity, ...

peoples of the world, political system, social change, ...

energy conversion, engineering, machine, ...
chronology, historiography, pre-Columbian civilizations, ...

But the real retrieval is through the index and A-Z topic browse
features.  Perhaps we should not invest a huge amount of time in a
classification scheme that is not particularly useful?


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My suggestion is that the librarians and media classification experts
among us form a workgroup and write a wiki article on the best
classification that is accessable on the Main Page. We can all look at
it and make comments on the discussion tabs. The workgroup could get
input from others (e.g.library of congress), the goal being to come up
with a system that fits into the world's library resources and is also
workable in the electronic age. I know that David Goodman (who is likely
not avaialble at this moment) is interested in such a workgroup. What do
you think? Nancy
On Wednesday, November 08, 2006, at 09:43AM, "Dr. Peter Diem"
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>RE: [Citizendium-editors] list of disciplinesHello,
>1. My suggestion is to ask a leading Library of Congress librarian for
>2. Dewey's system is a venerable attempt to grasp total reality. But is
>definitely old-fashioned, pre-information and pre-globalization age, a
>vintage product. Just look at the chapter about news media (070 - cf.
>attached image). And even age-old topics like heraldry and vexillology
>hard to squeeze in.
>3. How did I ever manage to keep track of my manifold interests and
>documents? There was only one solution:
>the alphabetical order. So if somebody contributes to Samoan history,
>will be found under S. And "online market research" will be found under
>Believe me, it must be a self-growing index.
>4. Just for my information: what about documents in German?
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